It’s more than just initiatives to get them involved.

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In this op-ed, Kiara Nirghin speaks to Jennifer Gates, daughter of Bill and Melinda Gates, about what girls need to succeed in STEM fields.

For Jennifer Gates, neither a knack for chemistry nor the confidence to feel she belonged in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) field came immediately. For many girls, this lack of confidence coupled with unsupportive environments can push them further away from a career in science and tech.

“Entering Stanford, I thought I would be able to handle the undergraduate chemistry courses. I did not realize how difficult these courses would be, and I felt…

A discussion with Maggie Johnson, about her work at Google and increasing accessibility to STEM education.


Maggie Johnson, the Vice President of Education and University Programs for Google, manages all technical education, content development, and information management programs for Google engineers and operations staff, as well as Google’s K16 educational programs in STEM and Computer science (CS). …

Kiara Nirghin

Innovator, Speaker and Author | Google Science Fair Winner | TIME Magazine’s Most Influential | Google Impact Fund Board

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